Notes On Fortnightism

The two-week quarantine period required of all travelers during the pandemic produces a fundamental shift in the way we all understand work, leisure, productivity, and rest.
This paradigm shift, “fortnightism,” is our shared future.

The animation presents the Responsive Care Center, a scalable, transportable, medical quarantine center, that is easily deployed wherever there is an outbreak. Fortnightism is a concept founded on uncertainty and diligence; viewers are brought into the space through slow camera pans. We’re entering a certain future filled with uncertainty. Slowly moving through the space, viewers are given time to dwell on the details, to glimpse a future existence that in many ways is already upon us. In this five-minute film, we encounter spaces that appear at once used and pristine. Is it a temporary settlement in the middle of the forest, awaiting new guests? Or a forgotten facility taken over by the natural world?

Concept and Architecture:
Carson Chan
Gustav Düsing
GRAU Visuals
3D Artists:
Yannis Efstathiou
Lambros Papathanasiou
Art Direction:
Gustav Düsing
Yannis Efstathiou
Graphic Design:
Eva Temponera
Editing and Color Grading:
Matthias Maercks (Tableau Films)
Sound Design:
Oliver “Ole” Fries
Jens Heinzel (whoknowswhocares)
Katharina Pütter
Structural Consultant:
Daniel Gebreiter (Schlaich Bergermann Partner)
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